I hopped on the comfy sofa and clicked on the television. “Yes! Manchester United has scored again!” I shouted in joy as I watched my favourite football match. It was the last tournament and I was crossing my fingers for Manchester United to win in the match. My cat, Kitkat, and my dog, Jodie, were resting on the soft velvet carpet.

               Just as the Manchester United team was about to obtain another goal, the lights flickered off. Jeers resonated throughout the neighbourhood. Jeepers! There was a blackout!


I took a deep breath and stifled the urge to scream. My thoughts were interrupted by a lick on my leg.


“Jodie! What are you doing?” I said. “This isn’t the right tie for hugs and cuddles!” I shouted. Jodie barked, trying to tell me something. She then pulled my shorts, dragging me over.

“Meow!” Kitkat scratched my shorts. “Hmm… maybe Jodie and Kitkat were trying to take me somewhere!” I thought. So I continued following Jodie as she moved, still pulling my shorts.

Bump! I bumped into a dusty hard cardboard-like figure. Kitkat’s eyes glowed as I heard a faint scratching sound. “Kitkat must be opening the ‘box’,” I thought. As the ‘box’ opened, I put my hand in the ‘box’. Suddenly, I felt two waxy tubes and a rough box. I broke into a wide smile.

After lighting up the candles, I held them as I walked to my room. I could finally see my cellphone. I scampered off with the candle to take it. I also took my torchlight, just in case the candle got blown and would not light up. I dialed the numbers fast on my cellphone and waited for my mother to answer me. Within minutes, my mother finally answered. I immediately blurted out the whole incident to her and began chattering away. My mother reassured me that she would come back as soon as possible. I let out a sigh of relief. While waiting, I hugged Jodie and thanked Kitkat for helping me.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a key turning in a keyhole. As I was waiting, in a few seconds, the lights came back on! My parents had come back too, opening the arms out wide and hugging me.

“So, how did you manage to come to your room?” my parents asked curiously. My pets and I looked at each other.

“Oh well, it’s a funny one, I’ll say… but it’s a long story. I’ll… I mean, we will tell you later… or tomorrow…” I replied, still smiling at Jodie and Kitkat.



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