The essence of writing

Have you ever wondered how those captivating writers who made smashing books get their ideas from? Well, they come from:

Inspiration;take J.K Rowling as an example. The idea she got before writing the book “Harry Potter” came when she was in a train, sitting down and waiting for her stop, which is a long way ahead, when she saw a little bespectacled boy sitting down. Suddenly, she pictured that boy going abroad on a train to hogwarts, a place of wizards and witches.

jk rowling

From your life;  Such as Yann Martel. He has been to many countries and there was one where he was so captivated. He wrote about the details in his book “Life of Pi”


From your family;Like C.S Lewis. The characters in his book “The Chronicles of Narnia”, were inspired by his family members. He wrote it during war.


I hope you’ll know where those bubbling ideas come from!


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