German-shepherd-trainingHey my bookie peeps!

I had done many essays, and when I was reading through I thought this would be great as this is the best among them all. This isn’t true, I made it up… So anyway I hope you peeps like this!:)

An unexpected find

I breathed in the fresh air again. The breeze kept me cool while I was jogging with my dog, Scruffy, in the park. The park allowed owners’ pets to run free without being leashed so I let Scruffy run on his own. I did not worry that he might get lost as he had a collar and only ran with me and not with strangers.

“Woof!” barked Scruffy. I found him sniffing on a brown box placed near a bush. He sniffed it suspiciously.

“What is it, Scruffy?” I said, as I stopped jogging. Thoughts of drugs or jewellery in the box flooded my mind. Suppose a bad person had left the box filled with drugs there while he bought more drugs to peddle his wares? What if it was a burglar instead? He may have left 3-carat diamonds in it and hid the box in his hiding place…

Curiously, I opened the box. I looked at it in horror. In it was heroin, the drugs that are harmful to people who eat or drink it. I had learnt all about it in my Health Education lesson last week. Looking at the packets of orange-brown powder, I decided to call the police. Scruffy was just about to take a bite on the packet of heroin I was holding…

“No! No, Scruffy, no! Bad dog! I said as I hit his moist nose. I kept all the packets in the box immediately before Scruffy could have a bite. I was about to hand the brown box over to the police station when I saw a dark shadow loom over me. I looked behind.

There stood a tall, burly man, with a tattoo inked on his left arm. Was he the drug peddler? Was he a… My thoughts were interrupted by the burly man’s heavy breath, with a seething glare in his eyes.

“Give me back the box,” he said, sticking his huge right palm in front of me.

“I’m sorry, mister, but I would not give it to you, even if you gave me a million dollars!” I said instinctively. My hand covered my mouth. I regretted making that bold statement in front of him.

“Do you think I would be so naive to just walk away and go off empty-handed? I repeat, give me back the box,” the man said with anger in his voice. He began to clench his fist, about to punch me…

Scruffy growled and pounced on the man. Before the man could do anything, Scruffy bit him on his tattooed arm. Never had I seen a sweet dog like Scruffy turn into a fierce dog. In fact, it’s barks were louder and fiercer than before! Scruffy bit the man harder and the man cried out in pain. What a coward! I had expected him to punch Scruffy back in revenge but he cried instead. Soon, he was bawling like an infant. Maybe he was ready to show the white flag and give up since he could not fight anymore.

“Down, Scruffy!” I said firmly.

Scruffy then jumped off the man, who was lying on the ground, sprawled. A few passers-by had seen the entire drama in the park and one of them had called the police. The police arrived in a few minutes and handcuffed the man. A policewoman came over to me and I gave her the brown box. She thanked me and asked for my particulars, as I would be rewarded the “Junior-Vigilant” award. I then gave her my particulars.

“I did help, but it’s all thanks to my pet dog , Scruffy,” I said, petting him. The policewoman laughed and said that she had known all about the commotion. As a reward, she gave Scruffy a guard dog outfit and also gave him a badge to put on. On the words of the badge it said, “GUARD DOG”. She then explained that she let Scruffy be a guard dog as Scruffy helped me.  I smiled at her. With a spring in my step, I left the park, carrying the dog outfit and badge. I walked home with Scruffy, happily enjoying the gentle breeze.

At home, I gave Scruffy a handful of his favourite treats- chewy bones! My parents looked at me, astonished to see me feeding Scruffy the treats.

“Has Scruffy done a good deed?” my mother asked.

“Yes, he has,” I answered, giving Scruffy a belly rub.

I then told my parents about the incident. They smiled and beamed with pride. I took out the guard dog outfit together with the badge out of my cupboard and let Scruffy wear it. Certainly, I will let Scruffy be the guard dog of the house! I hugged Scruffy tightly. Who would ever think that Scruffy was just an ordinary dog?


Picky eating? Here’s a tip…

science-picky-eaters-viHey there my bookie peeps! So I’ve heard many parents lament about how their young kids don’t eat much, they’re picky eaters! Well, here are some VERY SIMPLE TIPS!

~Mix the food that your child likes with the other healthy food that your child is picky about. If this doesn’t work, you could chop them up very small and hide it in your child’s favourite food!

~Make the foods fun and interesting to eat, for example you could make a face,take a tortilla wrap, spread it around, and add toppings like mushrooms for the eyes, etc.

~This is the one that works well. If your child has a sibling,this is what you should do! When your picky eater eats up all the food on his plate, give him points. The siblings will then compete with each other to earn more points! What the child likes about this ‘game’ is that they could redeem their points for something that they like!1738514-a-smiling-face-composition-made-of-food-bread-lettuce-pepper-tomato-olive-isolated-on-a-white-backgr

~Make the foods unrecognisable, for example if your child hates broccoli, you pureecould puree it  and put it into popsicle sticks and freeze them(Young kids will love this!) The child would think it is a delicious ice pop and will immediately lick up the pop. He will get used to the taste and would be able to eat broccoli without fail.

Thanks for watching this! Tell me which method worked and how has it helped your child. Thanks!


Can you raed tihs?

Hey tehre!

Can you raed tihs? Don’t wrroy,  I’m not an ailen, I am stlil Mray! Wlel, aynway, do you konw why you can raed tihs? The raeson is qiute smiple! The hmuan brian sacns the frist and lsat wrods, and fsater tahn a comupter, konws the entrie word! Amzaing, isn’t it? 

Essay: The Principal’s Entrance

Here is an essay- I LOVE WRITING ESSAYS! Anyway, here is an essay about the principal’s entrance. The principal walks into a science laboratory where pupils are doing an experiment, when something happens…

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay. It took me a long time to write this!(But not as much as writing my own book…)

The principal’s entrance

Avery and his class were doing their first chemistry experiment- making their own cologne or perfume. Looking at the bubbling clear liquid in the test-tube, Avery smiled and could not help thinking about his new mixture to be experimented in the science laboratory.

Suddenly, the principal, Miss Bethany, came into the laboratory, causing all pupils in the laboratory to stand up and greet her. She walked towards Avery and looked at him with her steel-rimmed glasses. Avery looked back, and gave a wan smile. He thought of the consequences of what will he have from his misdeed yesterday. With clammy palms, he held the test tube he was holding tightly.

“You must be Avery. I have come to…” before Miss Bethany could continue, the test tube that Avery was holding slipped from his sweaty hands.

The test tube broke as it dropped onto the floor, causing it to smash into smithereens. Then an orange glow was formed, together with a ring of grey smoke. Avery remembered what his science teacher, Miss Campbell, said about corrosive materials-like the liquid in Avery’s test tube, they burn and may cause a fire.

Pupils around him looked stunned. Instinctively, Avery blew at the fire. Alas! It was too strong and grew bigger, and the pungent smell of thick grey smoke besieged the pupils. The venomous and life-threatening flames was like a fiery monster swallowing up the laboratory. It had spread to the doors and the windows were set on fire so there was no chance of escaping. Pupils shouted raucously for help while others were looking for fire extinguishers and alarms desperately.


Some pupils outside had heard the scream of help and saw the laboratory in flames. Like a bolt of lightning, they dashed to the washrooms and grabbed several buckets filled with water. They battled the obdurate flames by hurling the buckets of water to the science laboratory. Still, the fames crackled.

Meanwhile, Avery knocked his head and began to think. I have a pencil box, an empty water bottle… Nothing! I need to stop the fire! Think, Avery, Think! He thought. He spotted a small red solid figure near the window. Isn’t that the emergency hammer? Ah! I have an idea! He thought. He stretched his arm to reach the emergency hammer. Grabbing it, he quickly broke the glass window. There was now an escape route.

“Hey!” he shouted to the pupils. “There’s an exit! The doors are impossible to get through, but there is an escape route!” he yelled, gesturing wildly to the window.

All pupils and teachers, one by one, got out of through the window. Soon, they escaped the raging fire. Although cut from climbing through the broken panel of window, all pupils and teachers were safe and sound.

The onlookers looked relieved for the pupils and teachers. One of the onlookers, Micky, smiled.

“Although all of you got out safely, we still have to stop the fire before it spreads,” he said.

After splashing the science laboratory with the rest of the buckets of water, the fire sizzled and all was left was a blanket of grey ash together with grey smoke. Everyone applauded the brave pupils for their heroic act. A while later, all was back to normal and lessons resumed. Miss Bethany walked towards Avery.

“Meet me after school, in my office,” she whispered to Avery.

Avery gulped, ready to face the consequence. After school, he zipped up his bulging bag filled with books and knocked on the door of the principal’s office.

“Come in,” a voice echoed through the door.

Opening the wooden door, he walked toward Miss Bethany, shivering with fear. There was Miss Bethany, her fingers interlocked on the table. Rapidly, Avery mouthed all his apologies and lay his head down, red with shame.

“All right, Avery. Seeing that you understood all your mistakes, I’ll give you one chance, you better watch out, I repeat, one chance! So do learn from your mistakes, you cheeky lad! “ Miss Bethany replied.

Phew! Avery thought. Wiping all the beads of sweat that had formed on his face, he mouthed ‘thank you’ to Miss Bethany before walking off.

Walking back home, Avery recalled on what had happened to him earlier. He realised that a small thing that he had done wrong could be like a bad seed and when it grows, it becomes worse. He decided to turn over a new leaf and not court trouble again.

Animal abuse

Here is an essay about animal abuse. There are two bad boys, Jim and Tim, who abuse a cat called Cookie, owned by a young girl named Sally. This story tells us about loving god’s creations-animals, and empathy. Hope you liked it!

Animal abuse

Stretching, Sally looked around her room. Seeing that there was nothing better to do, she decided to go out to the playground along with her pet cat, Cookie.

The colourful playground was no longer the old boring ones where they only had the slides and ladders. The inviting playhouse was indeed a heaven for children. Sally played at the bridges and the fun slides with Cookie. After a while, she sat down and placed Cookie on her lap, stroking it.

Two brothers, Jim and Tim, walked past. Both were bored and wondered if there was anything to play with. As they walked past, they spotted Sally patting Cookie. Both looked at each other, with a wide grin.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Tim asked.

Jim nodded. Picking up a branch that had just fallen out of an oak tree, both placed in it their pockets. Walking towards Sally, Jim said,

“That’s an adorable cat. Mind if I play with it?”

Before Sally could speak, they carried Cookie to the ground and began poking it with their wood branches. Cookie mewed piteously in pain. Sally, overwhelmed by the abuse, stood up, walked towards them, and out of desperation, cried out,

“Please stop… please don’t…” but before she could continue, Tim pushed Sally off the ground. Sally stood up again and tears threatened her to flow out of her eyes.  Sally took a deep breath and tried not to cry. However, she burst into tears. Cookie’s fur was now lacerated and bruised by the abuse.

Meanwhile, Kane was walking back home from his tuition class when he heard Sally’s cries. Dashing over to the playground, he found Sally sobbing. As he was Sally’s neighbour, he knew everything about Cookie. Seeing that Cookie was being abused by the two vicious boys, he yelled at them to stop. Despite his fierce shouts, Jim and Tim ignored him.

“ Don’t listen to him,” Jim said.

However, Kane had very sharp ears. Seething, he grabbed the branches and threw them to the ground. He could not bear to see that animals, which are god’s creations-like Cookie, being abused in a way like what Jim and Tim were doing to Cookie.  Animals deserve kindness and mercy just as humans do. He took Cookie and placed in Sally’s hands, who was greatly relieved. A passer-by saw the commotion and had called the police. Kane grabbed hold of the startled boys before they could dash off. Holding them tightly, he looked at them with fury in his eyes.

“So it’s Jim and Tim, isn’t it? I’ve got news for you! If anyone of you do such things like that, I won’t forgive you! Don’t you dare!” Kane said, his eyes narrowed with intense anger. The words that Kane had said echoed in Jim and Tim’s mind. They nodded vigorously with an anxious gulp and apologised to Sally. The police had arrived and asked for Jim and Tim’s particulars. Both said in a shaky voice and broke in cold sweat. It was time to face the music.

Luckily, after paying a visit to the veterinarian, Cookie’s life was unharmed and stable, although it needed to take medicine and vitamins to revert into its furry self. As for Jim and Tim, they were reprimanded by their parents and school discipline master. They were punished to do community work for the next one year. Kane told his parents about the incident and how he brought the two boys to justice. His parents smiled and beamed with pride. Kane was then awarded the ‘kind neighbour of the year’ award, and Sally thanked gratefully to Kane as she gave him a present. It was a plasticine model of a boy carrying a cat together with a homemade ‘Thank you’ card.

Beaming with happiness, Kane placed the award and present which was given by Sally on his desk. He knew that animals needed to be treated with respect. With a spring in his step, he celebrated by playing with Sally in the playground and feeding Cookie. It was an indelible experience for Kane to remember!

Tips on passing your exams(WITH FLYING COLOURS!)

Hey my bookie peeps! How are you guys today? Well, I have heard from many of my pals that they are kinda worried for their exams!(Me too, a bit.) Well, here are some tips:

~Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

~Exercise regularly.

~Do all the things that you need to revise for you exams(remember, NOT AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR) Like assessment books, workbooks, textbooks, et cetera.

~Last but not least, when you are about to start your examination, DON’T revise any more! The time has come, don’t be TOO NERVOUS or you might forget all the things you revise! AND DON’T STUDY IN THE BUS! 

I hope you peeps find it useful, they are simple and can be done!