Animal abuse

Here is an essay about animal abuse. There are two bad boys, Jim and Tim, who abuse a cat called Cookie, owned by a young girl named Sally. This story tells us about loving god’s creations-animals, and empathy. Hope you liked it!

Animal abuse

Stretching, Sally looked around her room. Seeing that there was nothing better to do, she decided to go out to the playground along with her pet cat, Cookie.

The colourful playground was no longer the old boring ones where they only had the slides and ladders. The inviting playhouse was indeed a heaven for children. Sally played at the bridges and the fun slides with Cookie. After a while, she sat down and placed Cookie on her lap, stroking it.

Two brothers, Jim and Tim, walked past. Both were bored and wondered if there was anything to play with. As they walked past, they spotted Sally patting Cookie. Both looked at each other, with a wide grin.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Tim asked.

Jim nodded. Picking up a branch that had just fallen out of an oak tree, both placed in it their pockets. Walking towards Sally, Jim said,

“That’s an adorable cat. Mind if I play with it?”

Before Sally could speak, they carried Cookie to the ground and began poking it with their wood branches. Cookie mewed piteously in pain. Sally, overwhelmed by the abuse, stood up, walked towards them, and out of desperation, cried out,

“Please stop… please don’t…” but before she could continue, Tim pushed Sally off the ground. Sally stood up again and tears threatened her to flow out of her eyes.  Sally took a deep breath and tried not to cry. However, she burst into tears. Cookie’s fur was now lacerated and bruised by the abuse.

Meanwhile, Kane was walking back home from his tuition class when he heard Sally’s cries. Dashing over to the playground, he found Sally sobbing. As he was Sally’s neighbour, he knew everything about Cookie. Seeing that Cookie was being abused by the two vicious boys, he yelled at them to stop. Despite his fierce shouts, Jim and Tim ignored him.

“ Don’t listen to him,” Jim said.

However, Kane had very sharp ears. Seething, he grabbed the branches and threw them to the ground. He could not bear to see that animals, which are god’s creations-like Cookie, being abused in a way like what Jim and Tim were doing to Cookie.  Animals deserve kindness and mercy just as humans do. He took Cookie and placed in Sally’s hands, who was greatly relieved. A passer-by saw the commotion and had called the police. Kane grabbed hold of the startled boys before they could dash off. Holding them tightly, he looked at them with fury in his eyes.

“So it’s Jim and Tim, isn’t it? I’ve got news for you! If anyone of you do such things like that, I won’t forgive you! Don’t you dare!” Kane said, his eyes narrowed with intense anger. The words that Kane had said echoed in Jim and Tim’s mind. They nodded vigorously with an anxious gulp and apologised to Sally. The police had arrived and asked for Jim and Tim’s particulars. Both said in a shaky voice and broke in cold sweat. It was time to face the music.

Luckily, after paying a visit to the veterinarian, Cookie’s life was unharmed and stable, although it needed to take medicine and vitamins to revert into its furry self. As for Jim and Tim, they were reprimanded by their parents and school discipline master. They were punished to do community work for the next one year. Kane told his parents about the incident and how he brought the two boys to justice. His parents smiled and beamed with pride. Kane was then awarded the ‘kind neighbour of the year’ award, and Sally thanked gratefully to Kane as she gave him a present. It was a plasticine model of a boy carrying a cat together with a homemade ‘Thank you’ card.

Beaming with happiness, Kane placed the award and present which was given by Sally on his desk. He knew that animals needed to be treated with respect. With a spring in his step, he celebrated by playing with Sally in the playground and feeding Cookie. It was an indelible experience for Kane to remember!


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