Tips on passing your exams(WITH FLYING COLOURS!)

Hey my bookie peeps! How are you guys today? Well, I have heard from many of my pals that they are kinda worried for their exams!(Me too, a bit.) Well, here are some tips:

~Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

~Exercise regularly.

~Do all the things that you need to revise for you exams(remember, NOT AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR) Like assessment books, workbooks, textbooks, et cetera.

~Last but not least, when you are about to start your examination, DON’T revise any more! The time has come, don’t be TOO NERVOUS or you might forget all the things you revise! AND DON’T STUDY IN THE BUS! 

I hope you peeps find it useful, they are simple and can be done!


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