Essay: The Principal’s Entrance

Here is an essay- I LOVE WRITING ESSAYS! Anyway, here is an essay about the principal’s entrance. The principal walks into a science laboratory where pupils are doing an experiment, when something happens…

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay. It took me a long time to write this!(But not as much as writing my own book…)

The principal’s entrance

Avery and his class were doing their first chemistry experiment- making their own cologne or perfume. Looking at the bubbling clear liquid in the test-tube, Avery smiled and could not help thinking about his new mixture to be experimented in the science laboratory.

Suddenly, the principal, Miss Bethany, came into the laboratory, causing all pupils in the laboratory to stand up and greet her. She walked towards Avery and looked at him with her steel-rimmed glasses. Avery looked back, and gave a wan smile. He thought of the consequences of what will he have from his misdeed yesterday. With clammy palms, he held the test tube he was holding tightly.

“You must be Avery. I have come to…” before Miss Bethany could continue, the test tube that Avery was holding slipped from his sweaty hands.

The test tube broke as it dropped onto the floor, causing it to smash into smithereens. Then an orange glow was formed, together with a ring of grey smoke. Avery remembered what his science teacher, Miss Campbell, said about corrosive materials-like the liquid in Avery’s test tube, they burn and may cause a fire.

Pupils around him looked stunned. Instinctively, Avery blew at the fire. Alas! It was too strong and grew bigger, and the pungent smell of thick grey smoke besieged the pupils. The venomous and life-threatening flames was like a fiery monster swallowing up the laboratory. It had spread to the doors and the windows were set on fire so there was no chance of escaping. Pupils shouted raucously for help while others were looking for fire extinguishers and alarms desperately.


Some pupils outside had heard the scream of help and saw the laboratory in flames. Like a bolt of lightning, they dashed to the washrooms and grabbed several buckets filled with water. They battled the obdurate flames by hurling the buckets of water to the science laboratory. Still, the fames crackled.

Meanwhile, Avery knocked his head and began to think. I have a pencil box, an empty water bottle… Nothing! I need to stop the fire! Think, Avery, Think! He thought. He spotted a small red solid figure near the window. Isn’t that the emergency hammer? Ah! I have an idea! He thought. He stretched his arm to reach the emergency hammer. Grabbing it, he quickly broke the glass window. There was now an escape route.

“Hey!” he shouted to the pupils. “There’s an exit! The doors are impossible to get through, but there is an escape route!” he yelled, gesturing wildly to the window.

All pupils and teachers, one by one, got out of through the window. Soon, they escaped the raging fire. Although cut from climbing through the broken panel of window, all pupils and teachers were safe and sound.

The onlookers looked relieved for the pupils and teachers. One of the onlookers, Micky, smiled.

“Although all of you got out safely, we still have to stop the fire before it spreads,” he said.

After splashing the science laboratory with the rest of the buckets of water, the fire sizzled and all was left was a blanket of grey ash together with grey smoke. Everyone applauded the brave pupils for their heroic act. A while later, all was back to normal and lessons resumed. Miss Bethany walked towards Avery.

“Meet me after school, in my office,” she whispered to Avery.

Avery gulped, ready to face the consequence. After school, he zipped up his bulging bag filled with books and knocked on the door of the principal’s office.

“Come in,” a voice echoed through the door.

Opening the wooden door, he walked toward Miss Bethany, shivering with fear. There was Miss Bethany, her fingers interlocked on the table. Rapidly, Avery mouthed all his apologies and lay his head down, red with shame.

“All right, Avery. Seeing that you understood all your mistakes, I’ll give you one chance, you better watch out, I repeat, one chance! So do learn from your mistakes, you cheeky lad! “ Miss Bethany replied.

Phew! Avery thought. Wiping all the beads of sweat that had formed on his face, he mouthed ‘thank you’ to Miss Bethany before walking off.

Walking back home, Avery recalled on what had happened to him earlier. He realised that a small thing that he had done wrong could be like a bad seed and when it grows, it becomes worse. He decided to turn over a new leaf and not court trouble again.


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