Picky eating? Here’s a tip…

science-picky-eaters-viHey there my bookie peeps! So I’ve heard many parents lament about how their young kids don’t eat much, they’re picky eaters! Well, here are some VERY SIMPLE TIPS!

~Mix the food that your child likes with the other healthy food that your child is picky about. If this doesn’t work, you could chop them up very small and hide it in your child’s favourite food!

~Make the foods fun and interesting to eat, for example you could make a face,take a tortilla wrap, spread it around, and add toppings like mushrooms for the eyes, etc.

~This is the one that works well. If your child has a sibling,this is what you should do! When your picky eater eats up all the food on his plate, give him points. The siblings will then compete with each other to earn more points! What the child likes about this ‘game’ is that they could redeem their points for something that they like!1738514-a-smiling-face-composition-made-of-food-bread-lettuce-pepper-tomato-olive-isolated-on-a-white-backgr

~Make the foods unrecognisable, for example if your child hates broccoli, you pureecould puree it  and put it into popsicle sticks and freeze them(Young kids will love this!) The child would think it is a delicious ice pop and will immediately lick up the pop. He will get used to the taste and would be able to eat broccoli without fail.

Thanks for watching this! Tell me which method worked and how has it helped your child. Thanks!



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