Essay: Lost Pet

Hey my bookie peeps! Here’s an essay I made! It’s about a poor lost kitten. Please ‘Like’ if you love this story to support my blog!

“Grr…”my stomach rumbled as I walked home from school. Patting my stomach, I looked forward to the hawker centre to buy a dish of scrumptious chicken rice.As I walked by, I heard an incessant mewing sound emanating from a drain at the playground.

Forgetting my hunger, I scampered off to the playground. I looked down at one of the drains. Suddenly, I saw an adorable feeble-looking cat with its soft caramel brown fur covered with mocha brown stripes. Its sparkling amber yellow forlorn eyes tugged ast my heartstrings. However, the cat’s beauty soon disappeared with patches of filth.Its body was a scrawny as if it had not eaten for days. I felt a deep sense of sympathy as tears streamed down my cheekbones.

A vivid description of how the kitten looks like... Caramel brown, mocha stripes...

A vivid description of how the kitten looks like… Caramel brown, mocha stripes…

Wiping my clammy hands, I patted the cat. The cat purred, rubbing its furry head against my knee. I was about to carry the cat when I spotted a black rhinestone collar. “This cat seemed to be lost.” I thought. I looked at the collar.I was surprised. The cat belonged to my neighbour, Mr John! I decided to bring the cat to the veterinarian first, to prevent infection from the cat to the owner.

“Why, isn’t it little Tommy!” The veterinarian, Mr Thomas, exclaimed. “What can I do for you?” he asked. I then showed him the cat. Mr Thomas then brought the cat to a table and removed its collar. He put on his rubbery gloves and examined the cat.

Suddenly, we spotted a deep crimson red wound at its neck. “No wonder, this cat must have been mewing for help,I thought. “People nowadays do not use safe collars,they use chokers!” Mr Thomas said frustratingly. He was about to throw the collar away when I stopped him. I had to show the collar to Mr John so that it will be recognisable for him to see his cat. I put the collar safely in my pocket while Mr Thomas applied antiseptic cream on the cat’s neck. After that, I carried the cat to Mr John’s house.

Mr John was overjoyed when he spotted his cat, Medley. He then offered me a wad of dollar notes as a monetary reward but I declined the reward as I was glad enough that the cat was returned to its rightful owner. However, I got a reward for myself-chicken rice to ease my hunger!


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