Essay: A robbery at the park

Hello to all my fellow writers!

Here’s another essay I did today… Hope you liked it! It’s about a robbery in the park… a scary robbery! Please like and tell me which bits you liked best! Enjoy!

Sitting restlessly on the wooden bench, John decided to take a leisure stroll in the deserted park. The cool wind breezed through, tickling the leaves of the trees. John got up from the bench and took a deep breath. “What a nice day!” He said to himself. The air was fresh and sweet-smelling, indeed a peaceful stroll for one. He began walking on the rocky trail, looking at the colourful flowers in the shrubbery bushes.

After walking for a few minutes, John felt very thristy and it was then he needed a drink. He headed to the Eco Trail where there was a lemonade store selling fresh, cold, lemonade. He salivated at the thought of sipping into a sweet drink under the hot summer day.


As he was about to head to the Eco Trail for that cold beverage, he suddenly saw a large shadow loom over him-two shadows. “Was somebody following me?” he thought. He turned around.

John caught face to face with two burly men, donned with caps and sunglasses. The dragon tattoos gave him a bad feeling about them…


Immediately, one of them caught hold of him, placing his arm close to his chest that he could hardly breathe. The other brandished a knife and pointed it at John.

“Your money or your life!” yelled the man, pointing the knife at him.

“Yeah, don’t play with me, young man!” cried the other, tightening the grip on John that he could suffocate.

“Never!” John shouted instinctively. His hand gripped over his mouth, regretting that he had made such a bold statement in front of him.

“What a fool you are! Give me your money, or else…” threatened the robber menancingly.

John’s heart pummelled in his chest. “What am I going to do now?” thought John anxiously. His only possession was his gold chain, with a picture of his grandfather dangling on, embroidered with silver. It was the last gift his grandfather had given to him before he passed away.

John could not think any longer. There was just one thing he had to do.

With his strong legs, John aimed a hard kick at the robber’s stomach. Hurt by the sudden impact, the robber dropped his knife clutching his stomach. Seizing the opportunity, John stepped on the knife with his hard trainers before anyone took it.

The other robber holding John was so shocked that he released his grip on him and ran to save his accomplice. As he let go, John quickly grabbed the knife that he was holding with his trainers and pointed it at the robber. The moment was here.

“Don’t you dare do this again!” John  yelled.

“Hehe… You think you’re so clever…” said the robber ominously.

He whipped out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at John.

“This is your last chance, young man. Get me     all you’re valuables or…” he was interrupted by  a shot of a gun-two shots. Suddenly, the robber fainted and his gun dropped. Standing behind the robber were two policemen, one holding a gun and the other holding a notepad.

“Oh dear, he is going to be all right, isn’t he?” John asked anxiously, as the policemen led the two robbers into the police car.

“Don’t worry, lad. He only had a “freeze shot”. He’ll recover in a few hours or so. So what’s happened, chap?’ replied one of the policemen.

John then told the policemen about the whole incident and they nodded as they scribbled onto their notepads. Mr Tee, one of the policemen, said that it would be dangerous for John to fight back as the robbers may have another weapon. He gave him a long lecture.

“But how did you know that I was in trouble?” John asked curiously. “The park was deserted.”

“Yes, but we were on patrol and one of our guard dogs, Sam, heard a noise and barked, leading us to where you were,” he answered.

“What a clever dog it is!” remarked John. “I’m ever so grateful to Sam! Without it, I would have died on the spot.”

“He is a clever dog!” said the policeman, beaming with pride.

John then waved the policemen goodbye and walked back on the Eco Trail, exhausted after such a flurry of excitement. He bought a cup of icy cold lemonade, sipping it as he took a relaxing stroll. “What an interesting incident it was today!” thought John. He vowed for the two robbers to be brought to justice.


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