For you

Hello to all my fellow writers!

I just chanced upon an interesting poem on WordPress, and it is a wonderful and beautiful poem!(And hey, that rhymes!) It is written by a blogger, Emily. She writes short and sweet poems that are so meaningful.


Message for Emily:Thanks for the short and sweet poems! They are wonderful and so meaningful that they sometimes cheer me up when I’m feeling down! πŸ™‚ -Mary, your fellow writer

Emily Pineau

I always thought
that by putting specific names
in a poem
it limits how much
can relate to it.
But eventually I broke
down once I realized
I needed to be specific
in order to tell my
stories, and needed
to reveal the names
in order to feel things.
So what if you don’t have
a Brian
a Tia
a Jeff
in your life?
They can be whoever
you want.
You can be whoever
you want.
And this poem can be

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