Not a true friend

On that day

we received our test marks.

I got a grade B,

and you got a grade A+.test paper

The teacher gloated on about your test marks,

while you sat there, grinning with pride.

You waved your test paper at me and taunted about my marks;

you hurt my feelings,

Instead of comforting me like before,

you only taunted and made me cry.

The next day we played basketball.

You kicked my knees,

accidentally on purpose

and laughed at me for being a crybaby.bully-boy

A week later

I saw you, smoking with cigarettes and sniffing glue.

I just want to ask you:

Why have you changed?

Why is it you ganged up with bad people?

Why did you taunt me?


Because after witnessing your true colours,

I think you

are not my true friend anymore.


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