The Writing Process (How To Write #1)

Sometimes you get frustrated with thinking of ideas to write, eh? Well, not to worry. Here are some steps for you to get ideas, and, more importantly, write better!

The writing process:

Prewriting => Writing=> Editing=> Publishingreading

Now let’s start with the first step: Prewriting.


How to get ideas:

Talk to your friends or family; do a discussion!

Surf the internet; get inspired by other writers in the world!

Look at anything around you for inspiration, for example if you received a ‘thank you’ card from your friend, why not write a story about cards?

Do something that gives you ideas, for example if you got the whole idea of your story but thinking about making a perfect name for a character in the story, why not look at all you objects? Perhaps think of a streetwise name, and then for the surname you could look for objects, like Beaker, Spooner, etc.


Now that you got the ideas, brainstorm using a 5W1H(Who,What,Where,Why,When,How)web! But do remember, not only put all the ideas together; but also add details, maybe you are doing a crime story, which is really meant to be terrifying, why not add details and descriptive words such as :The police caught the robber lying in a pool of blood, with his combat knife laid down on the flat ground. 

After you are done with your web, choose the ideas and note them down on a sheet of paper.

Now for the fun part. Use a story map and put all your ideas in it!

The story map consists of :

Introduction=>Problem(climax)=>A series of events=> Solution

And if you want, you could add the Coda after the Solution. A Coda is used to explain what happens to the characters after the resolution/solution. However, we usually put Codas in Narratives.

Anyway, in the story map be sure to add in your 5W1H! 😀

Now let us continue with writing…


Step 1: Write the draft.writing

Step 2: Revise and rewrite, which is something like checking an essay. You could also share your draft with family and friends, telling them about what they feel about the draft. Be sure to read out the FINAL draft to yourself to see if it sounds better.

We are almost done! Now for editing…


We need to check for:

If we repeated the same words, for example:

Suddenly, the door opened. Of all of a sudden, Gita felt something crawl over her. She suddenly realised that it was a ghost!

Instead, you can replace those repeated words with different words with the same meaning.

You also need to check for:




Alright, now for our publishing.


Make sure that:

The text is of the right size and colour. For example, it isn’t good to use a text which is black when the background is of a dark colour.

There is a title.

The picture or diagram used is suitable. Now if you are doing a story of good deeds, perhaps you want a picture of a man helping a blind man cross the road. We don’t want pictures of cute puppies or your favourite boy bands hanging around.

So that’s practically just it! I hope you’ll find these tips useful. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comments box below. Happy writing!


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