About me!

Hello there!
My name is Mary, but you can call me Marie as my nickname.:)
I’m just a blogger, and anyways I love to write! especially making up poems, but sometimes I don’t make them rhyme.I don’t use foul language too.(I HATE FOUL LANGUAGE)

I don’t IMpersonate people. Instead, I get INspired =)

I also enjoy listening to Dubstep and electronic music… though they might be a ruckus and a hurt to my ears sometimes!

I like drawing and I have done many art masterpieces. NO! I’m not blowing my own trumpet. Don’t think I’m a showoff… Don’t judge me… Hehe…

If I’m lucky enough I might be able to publish a childrens’ book!

Thanks for watching! 😀
-Marie, your fellow writer 🙂



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