Writing a Narrative(How To Write #2)

Hello there 😀

So you know how to write well, but how about writing a narrative? Why not follow these steps for a simple yet awesome narrative. What is a narrative? Well, it usually amuses or entertains the reader, or perhaps end with a lesson learnt.

Writing a narrative is simple yet fun. This is the process of writing a Narrative:

Orientation=> Climax=> A series of events=> Resolution=> Coda(optional)reading

Seems almost the same as the writing process, eh? These 5 simple steps are easy to do too!


An orientation consists of characters and the setting.The fun part is that you’ll be able to describe them with MANY descriptive languages! 😀

Now let’s continue with the climax:

A climax is a problem faced by the character(s) in the story.  Something bad/mysterious happens! scared.

Though it is good to come up with interesting dialogues, such as:HELP!HELP!  Try not to come up with long boring dialogues or sentences such as:Little Tim shouted for help and struggled in the water.His mother was so worried and called the lifeguard for help. The lifeguard rushed to Tim. Tim was saved! Well, I think that sentence had made you sleep.In the next How To Write#3 I will be able to help you in descriptive language, Show not tell. We shall come to that soon.

Anyway, let’s continue with the series of events!

The series of events takes place after the problem and there are clues to let us guess how the story would end. For instance: The man rushed his home, after realising that a fire broke out there. However, it was too late. What do you think happened to the man’s house? Of course, as you might have guessed it, it must have been burnt!

Now for the last part: The resolution!

The resolution is the part where the problem is solved and where the mysterious things that happened earlier are found out.For instance:Sally soon realised that the shadow following her turned out to be her father and not a captor.

"Phew!" he cried out in relief.

“Phew!” he cried out in relief.

And if you want, you could add the Coda:

The Coda explains clearly what happens to the character after the resolution. Perhaps you would like to add a twist? Or maybe you would like to end of the story with a moral or a lesson learnt to “teach” the reader.

Morals you could add in your story!

Morals you could add in your story!

I hope you’ll be able to follow these steps orderly when writing a Narrative.Happy writing! 😀