The Smile Medicine(Inspired by Enid Blyton’s story, “Sulky Susan”)

There was once a little girl,named Susan

any ordinary girl you could imagine,

but she had a grumpy face.sulky susan

She had golden blond hair which cascaded down to her shoulders,

with a cute headband and colourful pastel shirts,

but that horrible grump was what made the ugliness- ugh!

Then one day,

a little old man- a few inches shorter than her-maybe the size of a brownie,

with emerald green eyes that shone under the sun,

with greying hair-

but what made him special was his wide smile.

He came over to the sulky little Susan,

and handed her a mirror.

What Susan saw made her appalled;

she was looking at a terrible face-

with green eyes

and a horrid frown.


“Now smile,” said the old man, giving a grin.

She gave a grin in front of the shiny mirror-

and she saw a pretty girl- or maybe a princess,

looking kindly at her.

Her dimples danced,smiling

and her pearl white teeth

with her pink lips,

went into a curved smile- A SMILE!smile

“This is magic,” Susan said,

holding the mirror tightly.

She bade the wizard farewell

and kept on smiling at the mirror.

Many of her friends didn’t understand-

but what they knew was-

A smile takes a mile!


Being The Real You

Many of us girls

watch all those Youtube “BeautyGurus”.

Now most of us are all pressurized over beauty.

But  I don’t care.

I don’t care when I wear baggy granny pants,

when I’m happy that I have a trim figure

I don’t care when I got pimples on my face,

when I know there’s a radiant glow with my smile.

I don’t care how my hair gets in the wrong place,

when I’ve got long cascading hair.

We all got flaws,

why do we need to be like fake Barbies?

Or take cosmetic surgery?

We just have to remember

that we always have to be happy with what we all had.

You may not have a pretty face,

but the best thing is

you have a beautiful

You may not have long wavy hair,

but you have short curly hair-which fits you most.

You may not have a slim figure,

but what’s wrong with that-you’re still trim and fit.

And you know what?

The inner beauty we all have is

Being the real you!