The Smile Medicine(Inspired by Enid Blyton’s story, “Sulky Susan”)

There was once a little girl,named Susan

any ordinary girl you could imagine,

but she had a grumpy face.sulky susan

She had golden blond hair which cascaded down to her shoulders,

with a cute headband and colourful pastel shirts,

but that horrible grump was what made the ugliness- ugh!

Then one day,

a little old man- a few inches shorter than her-maybe the size of a brownie,

with emerald green eyes that shone under the sun,

with greying hair-

but what made him special was his wide smile.

He came over to the sulky little Susan,

and handed her a mirror.

What Susan saw made her appalled;

she was looking at a terrible face-

with green eyes

and a horrid frown.


“Now smile,” said the old man, giving a grin.

She gave a grin in front of the shiny mirror-

and she saw a pretty girl- or maybe a princess,

looking kindly at her.

Her dimples danced,smiling

and her pearl white teeth

with her pink lips,

went into a curved smile- A SMILE!smile

“This is magic,” Susan said,

holding the mirror tightly.

She bade the wizard farewell

and kept on smiling at the mirror.

Many of her friends didn’t understand-

but what they knew was-

A smile takes a mile!


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